Jai Uttal - Queen of Hearts

Grammy nominated Jai Uttal (2002 Mondo Rama) is a pioneer in the world of music community with his eclectic east meets west sound. His newest album and eleventh studio release "Queen of Hearts" is a unique mixture of reggae, ska, and samba rhythms, used as a backdrop for call and response, dance-oriented Kirtan, and invoking Queen Radha (Radharani), the bestower of devotion.
About the sound, Jai says "I went for the old school reggae and ska approach, rather then the dubby reggae that a lot of people are doing….there is more guitar oriented chants but all the songs also have Indian percussion to bring the feel back home, so to speak. A horn section rounds things out nicely. I've always loved reggae and everything I do is sort of Indian....more and more my Kirtans have been reflecting the Vaishnava moods of devotion (Radha, Krishna, Gopala, Sita Ram, Hanuman..)."
Recorded in California, the eight track album was written and produced by Uttal alongside his longtime collaborator Ben Leinbach. Jai will tour internationally this summer through the end of the year and adds "World music is music from everywhere. Music that creates bridges. Music that unites hearts and cultures. Music that brings peace."

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Will Blunderfield - HALLELUJAH

Will Blunderfield, is a award winning musician whose debut album HALLELUJAH features a duet with multi-platinum Juno Award-winner Bif Naked. He has garnered an international following from his music and teachings and has been featured in numerous yoga and spiritually based media including Yoga Journal, Yoga Journal Japan, Vancouver Sun and Louise L. Hay’s radio channel.
With an aim to create something modern and new, Will’s sound is a unique collision of rock opera, devotional Kirtan chant and pop music. Will weaves spoken word with traditional Indian instruments including the harmonium. “For me it's about getting more people exposed to yoga through the universality of pop music!!”
“The music I write is designed to connect, designed to heal…I wrote this album for people who struggle with insecurity, shame, and self-image issues. It's about using chant music to bring us into this surreal place of it's enough, I'm enough. I'm ok.”
Inspired by the encouragement and love of his yoga students, Will's mission is to touch and open hearts through Kirtan and pop music and to empower others on their path. For more information on Will's music and international schedule, please visit

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Jack Harrison - The Enchanted Island

Jack Harrison is a yoga teacher, singer and folklorist and has worked in all three areas for the last 30 years. A life long mythologist with a Masters in Irish Folklore, Jack has performed on several CDs including two with internationally renowned folksinger Liam Clancy.
The Enchanted Island, his second solo CD, is inspired by Celtic themes and uniquely blends Indian Chant with the sounds of Irish folklore. Finding many similarities between Indian and Celtic myth and philosophy, Jack music “uses chants from each tradition to illustrate these stories creating a potent sound to touch the sub-consciousness (hearts!). Recorded entirely in the inspirational area near Jack’s home called The Burren in County Clare, Ireland, Jack brought a number of musicians and singers together to create a mixture of chants and music from pre-Christian and Early Christian Ireland and Indian chant.
Jack is uniquely qualified and one of the few people in the world to mix Irish Folklore, Music and Yoga. For more on Jack and his music visit,

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Krishna Das - Heart As Wide As The World

Renowned for making kirtan chant more accessible to Westerners, Krishna Das, has been called the “chant master of American Yoga” by The New York Times, and the “Pavarotti of Kirtan” by Yoga Journal. His groundbreaking music is energized with modern grooves and harmonies to create a soulful practice that is eminently accessible to modern hearts, while staying true to the path of Bhakti Yoga.

Heart As Wide As The World includes all brand new chants and is Krishna Das’ first album recorded entirely in the studio in more than 10 years. A collaboration with acclaimed producer David Nichtern it also includes musician Jerry Marotta on drums & percussion and an array of unique instruments including the dotar, tablas, esraj and bansuri flute.

This most recent album was released simultaneously with a multi city 6 week tour. Selling out theatres across North America, this first of it’s kind “super chant tour” was co headlined with Deva Premal & Miten. .

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David Newman - To Be Home

To Be Home is the new 10-song CD from singer-songwriter and master chant artist David Newman.

The album, which was recorded in Woodstock, was co-produced by Newman and Trina Shoemaker, the two-time Grammy ® Award winner best known for her work with Sheryl Crow and Emmylou Harris. On To Be Home, Newman offers a mix of comforting folk songs in English as well as more traditional Kirtan chant songs in Sanskrit. In the U.S. , Newman is responsible for helping to establish this new musical genre. On To Be Home Newman is joined by Mira on vocals, cajon and percussion, drummer Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney), keyboardist John McDowell (Sting, Santana), cellist and bassist Jordan Jancz, tabla and esraj master Benjy Wertheimer, renowned bansuri flutist Steve Gorn and guitarist Philippo Franchini.

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Reema Datta - Here's My Heart

Reema Datta, a classically trained musician, offers a collection of spiritually transcendent and meditative songs in this lush album, Here's My Heart.

Featuring special guest Krishna Das on the track "Tvameva Mata," her gentle, soothing voice, is also accompanied by the renowned Nepalese Bansuri flutist Manose Singh, invoking the ancient and resonating tones of India. First introduced as a child to Sanskrit chants and philosophy by her grandfather, Reema now travels annually to India, studying bansuri flute and tabla with master Indian musicians and is a founding member of the Usha Yoga Foundation, which brings yoga to marginalized communities worldwide.

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